Head Venture


Head Venture

Head Venture is a freeride boot equipped with a Perfect Fit Pro S shoe developed with a thermoformable material, which allows the customization of the shoe itself.

  • Venture 130 uses 4 levers Spineflex, a revolutionary concept of the hook with a flexible element and a constant closing point, which allows an increase of comfort and precisionIts rubber shank allows a smoother ride over different types of terrain and offers an extra layer of protection for more effective shock absorption
  • Vibram® Venture exclusive sole



The Vibram® Venture sole, developed as an exclusive for Head, meets the most demanding freeriders’ needs to facing difficult passages to reach slopes blocks on foot.

  • The areas in contact with the ground, developed with Vibram® Mont compound, provide with a high level of grip
  • Its adding downhill kit featuring with TPU central areas allows the sole meet the ISO 9523 (release of ski mountaineering boots)

Technology and Compound


  • Tested on the world’s highest peaks
  • Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures
  • Firmer compound for maximum support and durability