Nitro Faint TLS


Nitro Faint TLS

The Faint offers unparalleled comfort and support that pushes the industry standards to a new level. The VIBRAM® ICETREK Outsole offers long-lasting durability and grip, while the Flex Link Design, and New Power Tongue Stiffener offer customizable levels of flex and support. Comfort and support are key for a good day on hill, which is why we have added the Air Dampening and Women´s Triple Density Air Footbed for deep landing support and all day comfort. We know warm feet are happy feet and that is why we have added our Therminator Shield, which keeps your feet toasty all day long – no matter the temps. The Faint – it’s just more comfortable!

  • Vibram® Icetrek outsole
  • EVA midsole
  • air dampening
  • therminator shield
  • flex link design
  • new TLS 5 twin lacing system
  • molded TLS lace handles
  • bail out system 
  • new power tongue stiffener 
  • new d3o® enhanced womens cloud 6 liner
  • ILS liner lacing with new power strap
  • women's triple density air footbed
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Havoc Sole

Vibram® Havoc Sole, developed as an exclusive for Nitro, represents the perfect combination of compound and design.

  • Vibram® Icetrek compound offers guaranteed better grip on ice, snow and cold surfaces
  • Its open design is intended to offer the most efficient self-cleaning action, and deep lugs ensure maximum traction and safety in the snow
  • Performance is guaranteed by the combined action of a toe designed to maximise grip and protection two-way lugs for optimal traction, Vibram® Hexa-Base lugs to maximise stability, and power transmission to the board. See the video on YouTube >

Technology and Compound


  • Superior grip on icy surfaces and cold terrain
  • Engineered for low to very low temperatures
  • Rubber compound suitable for indoor/outdoor