Podartis Activity 2.0 Sport Grey


Podartis Activity 2.0 Sport Grey

The Activity 2.0 shoe Sport Grey is specially recommended for overweight people and for those who suffer from overpronation - oversupination but still want to lead an active life. The DCS Dynamic Cross System®, a composite fiber insert inside the Vibram® ribbed tread, assures the control of pronation/supination excesses and avoid the outsole to collapse.

Moreover, the DCS insert assures an elastic smooth transition that helps the foot gait and reduces the energy demand (articular economy). Activity Sport Grey is also suitable for diabetic and rheumatic people with small or severe deformities, and in case of swollen or sore foot. Its extra internal volume also allows to insert a custom made orthotic, and it is easy to fasten thanks to a Podartis exclusive clamping and unclamping laces system.

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Biomechanic sole that allows to reproduce exactly the natural step timing.

  • Rubber outsole with better grip on all surfaces
  • Grooves on the bottom help on self-cleaning
  • EVA midsole in two densities to have better stability and cushioning
  • Nylon insert DCS® anti-collapse which facilitates the propeller carrying breech.