Podartis Activity Custom ¾


Podartis Activity Custom ¾

The semi-finished Activity Custom insole provides stability and propulsion thanks to its structure made by high tech materials. It is ideal in case of pronation excesses, and it provides the maximum control of the rear foot.

It is characterized by a sandwich construction: the Vipod® by Vibram® cover is dermo compatible, antibacterial, antifungal and self-molding, and its extraordinary softness makes it ideal is case of painful rheumatic feet and for diabetic feet; the super elastic Podiaflex resin insert, top material for physical activity, and the Vipod® Vibram thermoforming layer that provides protection and foot stability, ensuring amortization and dynamic return. The comparative tests, up to 9000 steps, have shown that Vipod® is the top material for a dynamic protection.

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Vibram® Vipod® is an innovative material for orthopaedic footbed, able to reduce plantar pressure peaks and distribute loads on the Skeletal structure.Moreover it is Dermocompatible and it doesn't cause skin allergy reaction. Being Bacteriostatic, it limits the growth of bacteria. Also as it is Fungicide, it kills fungal spores.