Podartis Botero 11


Podartis Botero 11

Botero 11 is a male shoe designed for those who suffer from foot deformities, dorsal and plantar calluses. Thanks to its stretchable Flexpell® upper it allows to accommodate deformities such as hammer toe and hallux valgus.

It is also characterized by a biomechanical semirigid outsole with WellWalk® energy saving technology in workable micro with tread powered by Vibram®. The WellWalk® outsole allows to have less stresses and alteration to joints and to save energy while walking. Moreover, it provides a re-distribution of plantar pressures peaks.

The double Velcro closure ease to tie the shoes.

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Vibram® Pluriball is a Vibram® Newflex compound sheet with the new Vibram pluriball design; because of its excellent shock absorbent capacity and light weight combined with exceptional resistance to wear and the special non-slip design, it is recommended for resoling/manufacturing orthopaedic shoes, when great stability is required.

Technology and Compound


  • Cushioning performance
  • High shock absorbing for maximum energy conservation
  • Comfort and durability engineering