Podartis Max Pad


Podartis Max Pad

The Max Pad insole is ideal in case of metatarsalgia, hallux valgus, rheumatic and diabetic foot (risk grade 1-2). It is the protected finished orthotic which comes closest to a customized one: the self molding antibacterial Diflex Light Gold® by Vibram® cover has the ability to adapt to deformities after 5000 steps, and helps re-balancing the pressure peaks.

The Poroair base provides protection and amortization, creating a protective cushion under the painful metatarsal heads.

The Ultra stop heel insert works as shock absorber for the rear foot, and protects in case of calcanear spurs.

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Diflex Light Gold

Vibram® Diflex Light Gold® is an Eva based polymer of the DIFLEX family, with particular characteristics that make it unique. This product, designed by Vibram in collaboration with Podartis, a leading company in the manufacture and development of components for the orthopaedic market, is an anti-allergic,Bacteriostatic and fungicide thermoformable material with a high shock absorbent capacity. It can easily be glued with normal neoprene adhesives.