Podartis Shorty Dermo Tiffany


Podartis Shorty Dermo Tiffany

The finished Shorty Dermo insole is designed for people who suffer from light metatarsalgia and from plantar fasciitis or sprains, and provides protection during the daily activities: thanks to its thinness, it is suitable for being used inside tight shoes.

The clinically tested Diflex Light Gold® by Vibram® cover is self-molding, dermocompatible, antibacterial and antifungal. It is an hi-tech material used as reference for sensitive feet treatment thanks to its ability to re-balance the pressure peaks.

The elastic shell and arch provide foot support and helps the venous drainage, while the Ultrastop heel insert works as shock absorber for the rear foot.

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Diflex Light Gold

Vibram® Diflex Light Gold® is an Eva based polymer of the DIFLEX family, with particular characteristics that make it unique. This product, designed by Vibram in collaboration with Podartis, a leading company in the manufacture and development of components for the orthopaedic market, is an anti-allergic,Bacteriostatic and fungicide thermoformable material with a high shock absorbent capacity. It can easily be glued with normal neoprene adhesives.