Some may think that sustainability travels on separate tracks with respects to business per se. For Vibram, instead, it is a lot more than that: it is a dimension integrated into its very core.

This is the bedrock of “The Sustainable Way”, a concrete plan to improve sustainability performance that accurately identifies the activities and projects to undertake in the short, medium and long term to guarantee economic growth whilst respecting people and the planet.

For Vibram, “The Sustainable Way” challenge is a priority. Why? Because with this project Vibram has formally committed to understanding what sustainability means for the company and putting it into practice both in terms of strategy and daily operations. With a firm conviction: that this is the path to follow to enrich Vibram’s market leadership with other values.

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Vibram’s sustainability program “The Sustainable Way” revolves around six main pillars that have been selected for their relevance to each branch office:




No Waste

Training and Internal Communication

Sustainable Supply Chain

Product Innovation